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mean as


The Wonderful Adventures of a Robot Girl

The show received the Audience Award for the Best Children’s Performance of 2019 of the Zenthe Ferenc Theatre in Hungary.

The unique show combines theatre with the newest digital technologies: projection, a smart LED costume, a robot ball and a drone in a fascinating story for all ages.

In the 21st century Pinocchio paraphrase the goal of Ann, the robot girl is to become human. During her wonderful journey on the ground, in the air and underwater she has to face many challenges that help her discover the most important virtues in life. Before the very eyes of the audience the drawn animation comes to life where performers move together with the projected visuals creating a 3D movie experience.

The main characters are Alfred the¬†playful inventor and his creature Ann the curious robot girl. The story displays the complexity of their relationship, meanwhile, we can get to know Alfred’s different robots, namely Bip Bip the loyal robot ball together with many fantastic creatures, such as Foot-Mushroom, Lolly-Pot and Hand-Whisk. Thanks to their delightful personalities and jolly design the partially drawn and partially real beings turn out to be equally main characters to the performers.

Alfred gives Ann one task: to collect and bring back home the lost creatures. Due to unexpected difficulties and diverse incredible adventures on their way, both of them have to evolve. By learning from their mistakes, Alfred and Ann (creator and creature, father and daughter) find their way back to each other again. But what else does Ann find at the end? Follow her path to find out what she really discovers in this magical world!

An indoor show made for families and kids age 4+.

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Duration: 50′

Story / Idea / Directing:

Choreography / Performance / Dramaturgy:
Katalin Lengyel

Animation / Programming / Performance:
Szabolcs Tóth-Zs.

Anna Weszelovszky

LED costume hardware interface design:
Réka Harsányi

Robot rollator:
Szabolcs Tóth-Zs., Róbert Haáb, Viktor Vicsek

Bal√°zs Alp√°r

Sound design:
Zolt√°n Vadon

Animation assistant:
Bal√°zs Kl√°rik

Special thanks:
Gólem Theatre, Ferenc Tarr

10. March 2017. MOM Kult Budapest


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