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YOU-TOPIA – meet the power in you

I haven’t seen anything like this before!

In You-Topia a magic world unfolds where Mortal Kombat meets Swan Lake and the mind-blowing visual effects perfectly match the movements of the dancer. The new media artist moves the huge digital hands live and plays with the heroin like a puppet, creating an exceptional duet between the two of them.

It started with romance but turned to a battle. Our heroin is asked for a dance however finds herself in a situation where she has to fight in order to find her way out. Due to struggling she understands: she has to be the master of her own life.

This spectacular piece of the award winning BANDART Productions is talking about power. The protagonist of the live new media and dance performance is the citizen who is at times forced to play a game where she is imposed to execute different roles. Finally finds her self-awareness and starts to create a whole new world around herself. The shorter version of this piece was commissioned by the World Forum for Democracy and was premiered in the Council of Europe in November 2014.

Running time: 18′

Dance, Choreography: Katalin Lengyel
Programming, Live Made Visuals: Szabolcs Tóth-Zs.
Music: Döme Beatbox, Airtist
Costume design: Fufavi
Premiered in Council of Europe (Strasbourg, 2014)
Co-production partner: World Forum for Democracy 2014
Supported by Gólem Theater
Thanks to L1 Association, Workshop Foundation

In this show we use Wacom Intuos drawing tablet provided by Trans-Europe Kft, the Hungarian distributor of Wacom.

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photo: ©yves humel

photo: ©yves humel

photo: World Forum for Democracy

photo: ©yves humel