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New media and dance workshops

The workshop combines dance and computer technology.

It starts with a dance class with the focus of experiencing the flow in the body. Through moving participants are going to develop muscle strength, coordination and body consciousness. Basic dance exercises and games will help them to expand their physical skills and to experience the joy of dancing.

Afterwards they can explore their creativity in working with new technologies. Through short introduction they can have a quick insight into interactive technologies and will have the chance to research the connection between live created visuals and their own movements.

The difficulty level of the dance course is adjustable for the skills of the participants (from beginner to professional). If you are interested, please contact us.

In this show we use Wacom Intuos drawing tablet provided by Trans-Europe Kft, the Hungarian distributor of Wacom.


photo: @M.Mustafa Idris

photo: @M.Mustafa Idris

photo: @M.Mustafa Idris