A piece of art that touches your heart and affects your mind at the same time.

Dancing Graffiti – There’s always a wall

Finally something that inspired me to think about the most important things in life.

Jury’s Award – Antré Festival Hungary, 2013
Jury’s Special Prize – International Kleinkunstfestival Germany, 2016
Golden Buzzer, Hungary’s Got Talent TV Show, 2015

Duration: 25′

The show has:
– children edition
– shorter versions
– event-specific versions.
We can also adapt the piece to the cultural and language differences.


The multiple award-winning Dancing Graffiti is a unique interdisciplinary street theater performance about the roles of private, public and inner personal walls that combines dance with live digital graffiti art. The performance collects all kinds of urban graffiti into one playful story that follows the evolution of a character from her birth, through her fights, until she discovers special inner powers. The story is not only a metaphor for life where every seemingly completed endeavor is immediately followed by a new one but is also a comment on any human society that seeks to control the individual through social, physical and other constraints.

The story follows a female character’s development from her birth, through teenage rebellion into adulthood. The media artist functions as a constant guide to this character and is the creator of her immediate environment, where she struggles through different phases of her life in a search for serenity. At the end of the piece – after fighting against these restrictions – the female character has evolved into a person that has faced her inner limitations and in so doing, has become aware of her own inner power. The graffiti illustrates the narrative and also functions as a type of the second character in the piece. It also playfully explores the history of subversive commentary written on public walls.

It evolves through:

  1. – children drawings representing the innocent child’s view of life,
  2. – sexual messages on toilet walls, representing the appearance of sexual activity,
  3. – confrontational political graffiti representing teenage rebellion against agencies of control,
  4. – prison graffiti representing awareness of exterior and interior constraints,
  5. – playing with cartoon figures such as superheroes, representing the gathering of individual strength in order to confront personal barriers
  6. – arriving at spiritual / magical symbols representing the development of inner self and personality.

Dance, Choreography: Katalin Lengyel
Programming, Live Drawing, Music: Szabolcs Tóth-Zs.
Director of Production: Alan Richardson
Dramaturge: Eleanor Randle
Costume: Liz Young
Music Assistant: Guy Wales
Premiere: 1. June 2013. Physical Fest, Liverpool
Co-production Partner: Conflux
Supported by Gólem Theater
Thanks to L1 Association

In this show we use Wacom Intuos drawing tablet provided by Trans-Europe Kft, the Hungarian distributor of Wacom.

23 November Théâtre de l’Agora – Evry France
24-25 November Waldhaus leuchtet Germany


photo: Mark Loudon

photo: danzigerdani@gmail.com

photo: Silvia Gralla

photo: La Notte Della Strenghe

photo: Peter Venema

photo: Imaginarius

Very poetic. BRAVO!

It was my favourite show in the festival.