You made me kid again! Storytelling 2.0


The unique show combines theatre with the newest digital technology: projection, a smart LED costume, a robot ball and a drone.

An indoor show made for families and kids.

The show implements the story of Pinocchio in the 21st century where Pinocchio is a little robot girl called Ann. Alfred her playful inventor would substitute his shallow human relations with his creature but due to unexpected circumstances both of them have to evolve.

Alfred gives Ann one task: to collect the lost creatures. During her wonderful journey on the ground, in the air and underwater, she learns what it means to be a human. Follow her path to find out what she really discovers in this magical world!

Duration: 50′

Show by BANDART: Katalin Lengyel and Szabolcs Tóth-Zs.

Story / Idea / Directing: BANDART
Animation / Programming / Performance: Szabolcs Tóth-Zs.
Choreography / Performance: Katalin Lengyel
Costume: Anna Weszelovszky
Hardware interface design: Réka Harsányi
Music: Balázs Alpár
Sound design: Zoltán Vadon
Animation assistant: Balázs Klárik
Special thanks: Ferenc Tarr

Premiere: 10. March 2017. MOM Kult Budapest

All rights reserved by BANDART.

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2 Dec 11:00 MüPa Tent
2 Dec 13:00 MüPa Tent
29 Dec 11:00 Hatszín Teátrum
29 Dec 15:00 Hatszín Teátrum


photo: KNI

photo: Róbert Haáb @ Flame Flowers

photo: KNI

photo: KNI

photo: KNI

I was watching a tale, made me a child. It really got me …